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Mobile/Patrol Officer

Talent Manager
Tennessee Full Time

Job description

We provide guarding services to project a security presence, which may include operating a vehicle to perform patrol, inspection, and/or incident response services.
Checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, security violations, and unauthorized persons; inspects buildings, grounds and security devices; monitors and sets security devices.
Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations; sets up barriers and signage, and provides direction or information to others.
Prepares logs or reports as required for patrol route; writes and/or types reports.
Observes and reports incidents or suspicious activity to client representatives or company management.
Responds to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents.

Job location

Knoxville, TN


  • Talent Manager
  • Tennessee
  • Category: Protective Services
  • Job type: Full Time