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NodeJS Developer

ATRIA Consulting , LLC
New Jersey Full Time

Job description

• Develop the backend of a user management product in NodeJS.
• Developer will be responsible for building on modules including a deployment system in AWS
• Developer will work collaboratively on a small team and help to make strategic decisions around product development.
• Developer will be responsible for creating and maintaining PostreSQL database to manipulate API data and make available through a dashboard (in Gatsby) for customers.
• Update and manipulate code in Mayan EDMS; connect a Gatsby site to work as the front end of Mayan EDMS for customer use.

Job requirements

Required Experience:
• 5+ years of software development experience with a focus on server-side development
• 2+ years of recent experience with NodeJS
• Excellent communication skills and team-oriented personality

SKILL: § Node.js
§ PostgreSQL
§ React
§ Redux
§ Gatsby
§ Docker
§ Git, CI/CD automation
○ AWS/Backend Infrastructure
§ EC2
§ Cognito
§ Configuring application load balancers
§ Configuring & managing S3 bucket access/permissions
§ CloudFront
§ Elastic Container Service

○ Mayan EDMS is highly documented uses Python and Django so a working knowledge would be good.

Job location



  • ATRIA Consulting , LLC
  • New Jersey
  • Category: Computer & IT
  • Career level: Advanced
  • Job type: Full Time