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GED Instructor

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Florida Full Time

Job description

Essential Functions

The GED Instructor will create an effective and student-centered classroom environment that adheres to the prescribed curricula, assessment guidelines, and standards conducive to the learning experience including supervision of students, and to the development of students’ skill levels to assist them with achieving their education and life goals through Eckerd methodologies.
This position will present curricula to students in a professional manner in the classroom and via online instruction. He/she will provide online and class-based students an organized instructional program (instructional/lesson plans); and developed individualized learning plans from assessment reports to ensure students meet their education goals.
The incumbent will provide life skills (Career Pathways curricula) instruction to all students at least twice a month during each student’s tenure in the program.
She/he will utilize effective classroom management skills; assist, advise, and counsel a diverse student population with regards to program policies and standards while demonstrating sensitivity to student needs and circumstances.
He/she conducts orientation sessions and provide students with the necessary program information i.e. enrollment packets, curriculum information, etc.; and administer tests (GED Practice Tests and curricula-based tests) in compliance with standard-based practices and integrity.
The GED Instructor completes, protects, and maintains thorough, accurate student files/records including standardized tests, class assignments, tests, monthly reports, personal data, and other program related information as required; conduct case management sessions and maintains case notes as required by the funding source.
The incumbent will coordinate with Eckerd Transition Coordinators to participate in Individual Service Plan (ISP) conference calls that include youth and other Project Bridge partners to discuss the Eckerd GED program and answer questions from youth transitioning to the program.
This position will coordinate with Project Bridge Partners staff (HBI and Eckerd Workforce) regarding instructional schedules for youth participating in vocational and career training and Eckerd GED program.
She/he will manage the GED program site, in coordination with Education Coordinator and Executive Director, by overseeing the day-to-day operations, program equipment, materials, and classroom structure and activities to ensure students have a safe, clean, and effective learning environment.
The GED Instructor will prepare and submit the required reports to the Education Coordinator by their deadlines.
The incumbent will participate in Instructional Team Conference Calls for program updates, instructional strategies, and administrative changes and updates.
This position may be required to travel to satellite/community-based learning sites as needed to provide instruction for youth unable to participate in class-based instruction. She/he may also be required provide transportation of youth, as needed, and will comply with Eckerd’s Fleet Safety Program.

Job location

Fort Pierce, FL


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