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HORSY Employment Agency
Florida Full Time

Job description

Take ownership and accountability for implementation of the BHI Safety Program.
Advise all employees to report personal medical conditions or restrictions to the Safety Representative.
Require any employee that sustains a work related injury or illness to report to BHI Safety or Site Safety without delay. Accompany the injured employee to Occupational Health Site (OHS) if feasible and required. Assist in the collection of relevant information.
Perform a field investigation of the circumstances surrounding all work related Level 2 or Level 3 injuries or illnesses. Complete a field investigation and documentation for Level 2 or Level 3 injury or illness; initiate a Site Corrective Action Program Condition Report (CR).
Provide information on near misses, initiating a CR when required.
Initiate a Site Condition Report (CR) and ensure review by the respective Project Superintendent before publication.
Advise BHI Safety immediately of all injuries and ensure that reports including photos, personal statements, or witness statements are completed and reach BHI Safety before departing the work shift on the day of an incident, injury, or illness.
Conduct and document a Post-Accident Safety Meeting with the respective work crew for all Level 2and 3 injuries or illnesses and assist the Project Superintendent in communicating the incident details during shift brief.
Assist the Site Manager in communicating the incident details at the shift briefs and to BHI senior management on the Site Manager morning call. Detail the preventative measures implemented.
Organize and manage all assigned work tasks/activities.
Coordinate and support field operations of sub-contractors as required.
Assure that only qualified and properly trained individuals are assigned to tasks.
Treat all assigned craft equally and fairly. Recognize employee concerns and notify the project superintendent of potential issues.
Interface with station representatives related to assigned BHI field tasks and activities.
Ensure detailed pre-job briefings are delivered on a daily basis through personal presentation or participation. Attends all pre-job briefs for activities in High Radiation Areas and document by signature their attendance on the pre-job sign in sheet.
Participate in the High Rad Brief with the crew requiring entry into a High Rad area ensuring crew signatures on the correct RWP and adequate three-way communication with an RP Technician using appropriate maps. Maintain positive control up to the boundary for crew personnel for first entry to a high rad area and as necessary thereafter.
Assure that Task Specific Job Hazard Assessments and Analysis is performed for all work (analysis performed shiftly).
Drive to reduce dose and to work jobs ALARA.
Spend 85 percent of time in the field observing work activities.
Ensure that the work meets the requirements of the work packages, work orders, and good work practice standards.
Identify barriers to success and to aggressively pursuing permanent changes to increase productivity.
Ensure clearance verification requirements as a Supervisor in accordance with the Site procedure.
Participate in the development and implementation of solutions to productivity issues.
Participate in coordination, scheduling, quality, safety, and progress review meetings.
Perform walk downs, constructability reviews, estimates and determine manpower needs during work planning.
Perform work / job observations in accordance with the BHI Observation Program.
Perform Supervisory Verification in accordance with BHI and Site expectations.
Review work packages.
Prepare time sheets.
Coordinate work with other discipline superintendents.
Provide work status to management.
Conduct periodic tours, inspections and observations of ALL preparation and job locations including Confined Spaces (water box, condenser steam space, pipe tunnels, etc.), High Rad Areas (Dry well, Building Sump Areas, etc.), and outlying fabrication facilities before (as access permits) and during the outage.
Perform other related duties as assigned.

Job location

Miami, FL


  • HORSY Employment Agency
  • Florida
  • Category: Healthcare Support
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Full Time