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Area Director - Service

Maryland Full Time

Job description

Duties & Responsibilities

Ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales by implementing all marketing programs, ensure all employees are trained and follow all company procedures.
Implement and ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.
Oversees the interviewing, selection, training and evaluation of store personnel. Hire and maintain the most qualified candidates that meet the requirements of the appropriate job description that will align with our corporate culture. Personnel management and leadership.
Meet with direct reports on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) to communicate company information including new initiatives, financial performance, goals and objectives, benchmarks and best practices.
Safeguard company assets thru internal controls and systems and personal involvement in daily operations. Conduct store tours, store operational reviews and auditing internal controls for cash, accounts receivable and inventory.
Improve profitability by increased sales and market share and expense control. Manage toward a positive cash flow by achieving sales forecast, maintaining payroll costs within budget, controlling operating expenses and managing all corporate assets including accounts receivable and inventory.
Improve sales by supervising outside sales staff and conducting outside sales calls as deemed necessary. Participate in the creation of local marketing programs for both wholesale and retail customers. Facilitate customer training seminars in conjunction with manufacturers.
Direct P&L responsibilities for other managers and participates in the development of fiscal budgets
Responsible for the collection of Accounts Receivable.
Additional duties as assigned.

Job requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

High school diploma required.
Associates Degree required in business administration, marketing, operations management or similar.
Bachelor's Degree preferred in business administration, marketing, operations management or similar.
10-15 years in the automotive service industry.


  • Maryland
  • Category: Service
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Full Time