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Security Officer Armed

Texas Full Time

Job description

A. Conducts frequent security patrols of the facilities and grounds as assigned.
B. Identifies and reports trends related to security issues. Recommends actions.
C. Takes initial information for an incident report, uses proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, notes only the facts, leaving out personal opinions and submits report in a timely manner (no later than the end of assigned shift).
D. Responds promptly to all service requests relayed by supervisor, telephone, pass-on, e-mail, radio, cell phone and other correspondence in a courteous and expeditious manner.
E. Responds to the collection, inventory and return of lost and found items, patient valuables, medication and personal property according to policy.
F. Enforces all rules, regulations and policies,
G. Controls and enforces facility parking through the use of patrols, violation warning citations, towing, booting and explanation of rules as applicable.
H. Assists clinical/non-clinical Associates with combative patients or visitors.
I. Demonstrates competence to perform assigned client care responsibilities in a way that meets the age-specific and developmental needs of persons served by the department.
J. Demonstrates proficiency and knowledge in the operation of the Attendant Console, Paging System, security radio/dispatch system, operations of the Digital Video Recorder (NVR) security monitors (CCTV) and the general overhead paging system.
K. Must be proficient with the use of a PC to generate electronic daily activity security reports, incident reports, emails and other applicable electronic correspondence during the performance of duties.
L. Promotes a safe environment by reporting safety hazards observed (broken water/sprinkler lines, burned out internal/external lighting, smoke/gas odors, tripping hazards, etc) during the performance of security rounds.
M. Appropriately adapts assigned client assessment, treatment and/or care methods to accommodate the physical, cultural, age-specific, and other developmental needs of each person served.

Job requirements

A. Education/Skills
High school diploma or its equivalent required.
Must have the ability to interact appropriately with all staff, patients and visitors, especially under difficult circumstances.
Must be mentally alert at all times
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
Must be able to make immediate decisions with regard to laws, policies and procedures.
Must possess a motor vehicle license
Demonstrated competence with hand gun, hand cuffs, baton, non-crisis intervention certification and two-way radios.
Frequent exposure to aggressive behavior and emotionally charged situations.
Occasional exposure to hazardous conditions such as fires, chemical spills, and flooding.
Frequent exposure to heat and cold from external weather conditions.
Long periods of walking, standing, stooping, and lifting.
Must be physically fit and able to walk all areas of the facilities and grounds, to restrain those who need restraint and be able to assist nursing staff with lifting patients of all sizes.
Must be able to handle multiple tasks and prioritize
Must be able to handle personal stress and possible violence

Job location

San Marcos, TX


  • Texas
  • Category: Protective Services
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Full Time