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Data Management Trainer/PM

ATRIA Consulting , LLC
New York Contract

Job description

• Reviewing current training processes and protocols. This includes the frequency of training offered, which staff persons are sent for training, and their role(s) in their agency.
• Review, update, and identify gaps with tracking data system access and usage policies;
• Analyze the feasibility of using kiosks as one method to improve data collection and accuracy at program sites where customers can directly access and update their contact and other basic information.
• Work with select vendors to design the front facing portal for customer usage.
• Design and test a work plan that guides customer facing programs on how to engage customers at the door and assist them with using the kiosk.
• Explore and propose other options that can be implemented, possibly yielding more immediate improvements in data accuracy and more complete data collection.
• Develop a set of reporting tools that can be used to monitor and measure improvements in accuracy and completeness of client level data collection.

Job requirements

• A minimum of 5 years of experience as a lead project manager in planning and implementation;
• At least 3 years of experience providing technical assistance and/or training directly to end users of a database system;
• Ability to demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders;
• Proven ability to prioritize, lead and coordinate large meetings, take the initiative and problem solve;
• Experience providing training on multiple modules in multifaceted Tracking Systems.
• Experience in managing and/or supporting large scale initiatives, program management, and internal operations.


  • ATRIA Consulting , LLC
  • New York
  • Category: Computer & IT
  • Career level: Intermediate
  • Job type: Contract