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Service Desk Technician

HORSY Employment Agency
Kentucky Full Time

Job description

Job requirements

* 1-2 years IT experience as a Help Desk/Service Desk Technician with vast experience providing desktop support duties with extensive troubleshooting skills.
* Reliable attendance
* Customer services skills and temperament
o No coarse, abrasive or condescending language used over the phone
o No argumentative demeanor
o Takes ownership, not defensive about blame
o Empathetic
o Patient with upset and/or angry customers
o Analytical
o Problem solver (troubleshooting skills)
o Trainable
o Self-starting and Initiative
o Able to simplify explanations so that the customer understands

Job location

Frankfort, KY


  • HORSY Employment Agency
  • Kentucky
  • Category: Communications, Computer & IT, Service
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Full Time