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Farm Foreman

Arizona Full Time

Job description

Duties include but not limited to:
1) To supervise farm crew as directed by the Farm Supervisor and Farm Manager on daily duties to perform for farm efficiency.
2) To keep a log of all drip irrigations. Record when pump was turned on, how many hours irrigated and number of gallons of water applied (if possible), report problems with the system/pumps/filters to the Farm Maintenance Lead and Farm Supervisors.
3) To apply and record all fertilizer applications on conventional and organic crops. Oversee crews when ground applications are being made using equipment (injection rigs) and apply the correct rates.
4) To be able to repair equipment as needed in the field; changing tires, bearings, belts and chains.
5) To ensure that the crew is using all required PPE in completion of duties and safety policies.
6) Be able to calibrate sprayers, fertilizer rigs and apply materials as noted on work order to the correct fields.
7) To perform other duties as directed by the Farm Supervisor.
8) Find more efficient ways of do thing on the farm.

Job location

Yuma, AZ


  • Arizona
  • Category: Farming
  • Career level: ---
  • Salary: $18.00 - $20.00 / hour
  • Job type: Full Time