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Prepaid Sales Associate

HORSY Employment Agency
Oklahoma Full Time

Job description

Help People Do Life Better.

You can sell technology or you can impact lives through technology. We believe in teaching people how they can apply today's best technology to create better in their lives-better connections with family and friends and better efficiencies with their time and money.

Job requirements

Here's What We Require:
High school diploma or state equivalency
Strong written and interpersonal communication skills
The flexibility and willingness to work evenings, weekends and holidays

Here's What's Ideal in a Candidate:
1 or more years of experience working directly with customers
1 or more years of retail sales experience
1 or more years of wireless or tech industry experience

Job location

Oklahoma City, OK


  • HORSY Employment Agency
  • Oklahoma
  • Category: Sales
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Full Time