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Legal Analyst

HORSY Employment Agency
California Full Time

Job description

Performing legal due diligence and legal research
Reviewing legal contracts as a legal administrative assistant, paralegal, or legal assistant
Claim legal reserves to facilitate the actual payment of the audited legal bill
Develop business proposals for legal review
Maintaining and updating internal legal templates
Conduct research to support a legal proceeding
Learn and assist with other legal areas
Convert legal statements to operational statements/guidelines
Manage global legal spend and maximize savings
Perform legal research and report findings to management
Analyze, adjust and pay legal invoices to fairly and reasonably compensate the attorney/firm for the legal work performed (and related legal expenses)
Review, analyze, adjust and pay legal invoices to fairly and reasonably compensate the attorneys and firms for the legal work
Hired as a legal writer, analyst and editor
Serving as project coordinator for clients' legal projects
Drafting text documents (although not likely legal documents)
Provide confidential administrative and analytical support to legal staff, legal claims team, and the Company's outside counsel
Proposed legal terms for proposals in a concise and accurate manner
Directed towards the management of the Company's legal exposure
Reviewing and responding to clients on non-legal matters with minimal supervision
Communicating and obtaining information regarding the status of pending legal matters

Job location

Oakland, CA


  • HORSY Employment Agency
  • California
  • Category: Legal
  • Career level: ---
  • Salary: $53,548.00 - $100,000.00 / year
  • Job type: Full Time