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After-School Math Teacher

HORSY Employment Agency
New Jersey Part Time

Job description


Teach Mathematics in K-3, 4-8 or 9-12 grades
Work closely with a mentor teacher to develop, plan and execute lessons that reflect RSM curriculum and teaching methods
Provide a safe environment conducive to learning
Help students understand the structure of mathematics and develop mathematical competence
Motivate each student to apply mathematical understanding and skills in the solution of practical problems
Promote key critical reasoning skills as well as social and emotional growth
Evaluate the academic and social growth of students
Communicate with parents by maintaining records of academic performance, attendance and social acclimation
Communicate with school managers to discuss the students’ progress and classroom atmosphere
Attend training sessions organized by RSM.

Job requirements


Bachelor's degree in Math or related field (minimum) and Master's Degree in Education (preferred)
Minimum one year of experience working with kids preferably in a school system or university settings
Ability and desire to make Math fun for children
Excellent interpersonal skills
Exposure to or experience in other than U.S. models of Math Education is a plus
Familiarity with Math Competitions is a plus

Job location

Princeton, NJ


  • HORSY Employment Agency
  • New Jersey
  • Category: Education, Math & Economics
  • Career level: ---
  • Job type: Part Time