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New York Full Time

Job description

The Remote Data Entry Representative will be responsible for transferring data from one source to another through data entry equipment, word processing, or verbal recordings. The ability to accurately type and at a fast speed is highly desired.

Job requirements


Strong written and verbal communication skills

Able to speak confidently, clearly, and professionally for voice recording data

Prior experience handling data entry responsibilities or equivalent experience in a related field

Self-directed and able to work without supervision

Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, particularly of Excel spreadsheets

High School Diploma or equivalent.

Additional info


Entering data into appropriate fields; databases, records, and files

Must possess excellent typing, writing and verbal communication skills

Summarizing data for standardized reports

Typing data directly and accurately

Verifying data by correctly checking and comparing source documentation

Organizing paper formats, paper backups, and material source files as needed

Job location



  • New York
  • Category: Administrative
  • Career level: Entry
  • Salary: $20-$25/hr
  • Job type: Full Time